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Monday, May 5th, 2008
12:01 pm
Why is it...
That whenever I have stuff I need to do, I get horribly sick? I have around 2 weeks left of school in which to write 5 lab reports (each takes around 8-12 hours), study for exams, interview for jobs, plan a graduation party(which I dunno if I want to have...I dunno if my family and friends should mix), send announcements, and do a final project. I feel like I'm hungover but I havent had a drink...

PS never go to the Ren Faire sick...it makes you die.

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, April 20th, 2008
2:13 pm
Out of Date
So I edited a bit of my live journal. It was really out of date...said I liked to surf, even. HAHA. Anyone know if there is a way to change your livejournal name? I posted my current one as a sort of inside joke to a friend and now I'm over it.

Other than that, there's not too much to say. Been busy with school lately. I have so much to do before I graduate MAY 30th. I'm thinking of spending my $1400 tax rebate on a trip after I graduate but those plans will be cut short since I have to be a bridesmaid on June 7th. I figure it may be my last chance to be able to get time off before I get a hardcore job.

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
3:53 pm
Quid enim?
flumine lacrima flerebas omni nocte scio
eheu sed nunc inundus maribus familiaris deplorant
requiescas in pace et spero dolore confecta est

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, August 12th, 2006
3:45 pm
Friday and Today
Back at the internet cafe, was trying to get through to my bank on the phone, trying online again. This is sooo rediculous. Theres no person to talk to on the phone and no way to get them to reinstate my card. Great way for the bank to ruin my vacation! WAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway...what I did on Friday:

So friday we get up and go look around Loch Ness. The Loch is HUGE! Its very deep and the water is so black with peat that if you were to put your hand down in it, you wouldnt be able to see it. No wonder they can't find Nessie. We drove around the Loch a bit, went to this neat ruined castle that overlooks the loch. It was right in front of the deepest part of the loch, where the most sightings were. It was really a beautiful location with the ruined castle and a beautiful lake and lots of trees. I'll post my photos on photobucket or something when I get home. After exploring the Loch, we went to the location of one of the most bloody battles in scotland. The name is escaping me right now, but it started with a C. It was there that bonny prince charlies forces were crushed after he tried to attack england and take back the crown he should have had. They scots were tired and depleated in forces and they were totally outnumbered and were bascially just mowed down by heavy artilery. This changed the country forever (this is why we had so many scots move to america a couple hundred years ago) and it was an interestingly somber place. There were mass graves according to clan names. Later we went to a pub and had lunch, I was too scared though to try the Haggis. The concept of eating organs creeps me out. We then went to these neat burial cairns. These were thousands of years old. The pagans had set them up so on teh solstace, the light would shine in on the dark rooms and reflect off the gemstones and create a neat light. They were perfectly lined up to do this, which was pretty neat that they could do that back then! There were lots of strange stones around and it was interesting to think what that all meant to those people to bring them from so far away. We then went to a nice town where there was a cathedral that was very pretty and old. It had a nice cemetary and courtyard. There was a wedding going on, and a beautiful stream ran through the yard. It was very peaceful and nice there. We went back on the bus and went back to edinburgh. Since the festival was so insane, it was impossible to even get anywhere to stay, even as early as tuesday when we tried to. We caught the last train back to london...the ride was very long since it stopped at every stop,(last train does that) so we were tired and took a taxi home.

Today I slept in, nice to be out of a hostel, and have been trying to get a hold of my bank, and have been posting blogs. I think I may go to the london dungeon and will probably be going out tonight with everyone. Tomorrow I think we're going to the city, Bath, which was founded by the Romans and supposedly is everyone's favorite place in england, so it should be pretty nice. I think I still want to find a time to possibly go to Paris while I'm here and see if I can get a tour that leaves from london to do so. Got to get my money sorted out though first...yeeesh!

Current Mood: annoyed
3:44 pm
Thursday we went exploring along the isle of skye. It is a very beautiful but wet part of western scotland. We went to a river where theres a legend that the faeries made it so if you dunk your face in it, you'll be made beautiful, so of course we all did it, hehe. Our guide, ewan made it seem like he couldnt get the picture and made me put my face in the cold water 3 times! The sneak! We later went climbing around through this bog, and got my feet and legs sooo soaked with peat water! It was nasty, I had to take off my sneakers and wear flip flops in the freezing weather instead! I got a little cranky after getting so muddy but I got over it. Poor elizabeth slipped and got mud on her butt which was worse. The ground was so slick and watery. We saw a lot of neat untouched scenery around the isle of skye, and it was great to see areas where people live like they used to hundreds of years ago, since much of scotlands original way of life was stamped out. We saw some Hairy COoooooooooooos, whcih are funny cow beasties they have there. I just love the name! Stopped at a cute little town, then headed out towards Loch Ness. On the way we stopped at a neat bridge where sir james barry wrote most of peter pan, it was a very cute area. At loch ness, there was a scottish heritage center, where we learned about the harsh life in the highlands, and elizabeth was dressed up like a highland warrior but we thought she almost looked more like a female and more attractive fat bastard, since the clothes were so huge on her. We took it easy that night, hung out that the hostel, went out to a pub where they had a pub quiz that was hard cuz it had a section on local history and we were some of the few people who weren't locals there. We did ok, got 4th place out of 9 groups. Don't think I can post Friday's fun, since I'm running out of time. I'll post what I did yesterday soon...but heres a preview...Loch Ness, Burial Cairns, Return to Edinburgh and London!
3:44 pm
So after a very poor nights sleep (Elizabeth slept fine amazingly), we headed off to the Haggis bus tour. Their slogan is "wild and sexy". There were about 30 of us on the tour bus, all under 30 but above 18, so it was a fun group to go sight seeing with. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that our train the night before left out of King's Cross and went across the countryside, and looked very much like the route of the Hogwarts express ;-) Anyway so we get signed in on the bus and on it and all and meet our tour guide. He was a crazy scot, with so much energy it was almost frightening. He ended up being really fun though and actually did know his history of the place and what different buildings were, etc. Even our bus driver was a fun and crazy guy. So on the first day of the bus trip, we went to the location of the battle of stirling, learned how wrong bravehearts portrayal of everything was, etc. We drove through beautiful countryside. Everything was very green, there were lots of trees and lots of rain! We were so not prepared for rain! I bought some scarves and umbrellas from a little village, which helped a little bit. We made a lot of little stops at places that looked interesting, or had significance, etc, but our big stop was at the eilan donnan castle near the isle of skye. It was all refurbished inside which I didnt really like how it was decorated. I thought the castle looked neater from the outside. The problem was that when we showed up a million other tour buses did so at the same time! All these old ladies messed up the toilets because brittish toilets are weird and you cant reflush them for a few minutes after flushing them the first time, so they messed them up with all their weak bladders. Got lots of pics of the castle but really didnt have any time to look at it as well as I would have liked because they didnt give us enough time, especially with that big of a crowd. We stayed at a very small village that night and the hostel was actually pretty nice. Had dinner at a cute pub called, " the saucy mary" which was about a legend of a woman who would flash sailors as they sailed by to wish them luck. None of us were that saucy! It was a neat little area, a band played there at the pub that night, I met a nice girl from nova scotia, named jenna and we hung out since elizabeth was tired and went to bed a little early.
3:43 pm
Tuesday Elizabeth and I decided to go to an internet cafe (where I am now!) and check out what deals we could get going on a last minute trip. We could not find a single decent flight, they were all expensive! So we decided to take the train to edinburgh, and go on a bus tour there with young people. In retrospect it was a good thing, we missed a lot of the insanity of Heathrow airport, we would have had terrible delays and probably a flight cancellation.

We had very little time to get ready, around a half hour to pack to get the train we wanted to Edinburgh, so we'd have time to see the city that night. We made really fast reservations at a hostel that night. It seemed hard to get the booking for it, and the reason for that was apparent when we arrived!

There was the worlds largest arts festival happening in edinburgh! It was insane! Shows all night long! People partying in the streets! Insane amounts of people everywhere! The place we stayed at was the most insane hostel ever. There were 22 beds in our room. Many of the people were euro-trash and actually lived there so they had big piles of mess and crap everywhere. It was very hard to sleep there at night with all the coming and going. You couldn't beat its location though, it was right next to Edinburgh castle. We walked around, looked at all the insanity, looked at the city etc. Edinburgh (the capitol of Scotland) is really neat. The city is so old and the buildings are sooo neat. It kind of looks like a slightly sinister story book castle-city place thing. So beautiful. We did not party on the streets like most of the people in Edinburgh, because we had to wake up early to catch our bus tour.
3:42 pm
Monday Elizabeth had a job interview so I was off on my own for the day. I decided to walk down to the Thames, since I had walked down there the night before on the way home from Liecester square. I knew I couldnt get lost if I followed the river and used it as a reference point. I decided to walk along it one way, and found myself up on tower bridge after about 20 minutes. Tower bridge is really cute and it leads over to the Tower of London! I got excited cuz I managed to find it all by myself! I was going to take a tourist bus there but for some reason the stop near where I was staying was closed :-( The tower of london was sooo coool! They have guys in funny outfits called "yeomen" who are tourguides, and they take you all over cracking lame brittish jokes and telling you stories of DEATH and traitors etc. I got so many neat pictures there! Beautiful place but demented as well.... I got to see the royal armorments there...King Henry VIII's armor was funny...had a large portrusion for his crotch! There were other neat peices of weaponry and stuff and I got tons of pix. I also got to see the crown jewels which were neat. I thought they were fake but everyone here has been telling me they're real so i didnt look as closely at them as I would have if I thought they were real. Tehy pretty much had to kick me out of the tower, because I just really enjoyed exploring all the towers there and seeing everything I could.
3:42 pm
Sunday my big excitement was going to Camden Market. I have never seen so many Goth/Punk stores in such close proximity. It was great. I don't think Elizabeth was as keen, she thought the people were kinda scary as always, but they weren't too bad! I bought a pair of new boots which I think are cool, (Robin and his roomies said that they were "quite something") or somthing to that effect. I got a cybery shirt with a circuit board on it, which was nifty. I also went to Kings Cross Station that day to take my picture at platform 9 and 3/4 which was funny. There were actually a lot of people always posing there! Later I went to the London Library where they have a mini museum of neat originals of famous british literature from composers to beowulf to alice in wonderland. Later that night we went to Liecester square, kinda like a french district, had dinner, saw some guy on a unicycle that was like 20ft high, juggling, etc.
3:41 pm
My trip so far
Ok, so this may be a very long blog. I was hoping to get on here more often but as far as wireless internet goes, the uk seems to be third world. I've been quite busy since I've gotten here and today I'm just taking it easy and catching up on both blogging and I also need to sort out stuff with my bank. I have loads of money but they froze my account so I'm stuck using credit cards and the cash only places are quite plentiful here and in scotland. Argh! If worse comes to worse I'll make my poor mom call them.

Ok, so I'll go daily as of what happened, and use my pics as a guide for saying whats up: I'll do separate blogs each day so I dont get in trouble and have stupid myspace delete them.

First day, Friday night thru Saturday is when I flew out. The flight went ok. Somehow I was upgraded to economy plus so I had leg room! I also had a window seat which is nice for such a long flight. I actually got about 6 hours of sleep on the airplane, which was great. I ended up getting absolutely no jet lag. In fact, I had no trouble adapting to the 8 hour time difference. I amazed all! Elizabeth picked me up at the airport which was really nice because its quite confusing to find your way to london from heathrow. (getting back to heathrow may be tough, especially after the terror plot, so I will be in horrible delays next week, not be allowed a carry on (what will I do with my laptop!) and no mp3 player of course. What scares me about that is that my airline was targeted, they were after flights to the us and scheduled for around the time of my departure! Good thing they caught the guys. At least the security will ensure that I will be extra safe, its just a pain.

Anyway, so the first day I went out with everyone, there was some lame music festival in london, called "fruitstock" and it was sponsored by a juice company or something. It was kinda hot and the music was lame so elizabeth and I left all of the guys there and went back home. I walked around the Thames and saw my first bit of london which was pretty neat. Mostly I just thought how incredibly cute everything here is. I was so energized I could stay up late and hang out and eat dinner with everyone. I am amazing!
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
1:06 am
I got a new car!
So after nearly 2 months now I have a car! It's a 95 VW Cabrio. (ah, the brand of Nazis!) Its manual and a convertable and red. I kinda suck at driving it cuz I've only really been driving stick for a day! I'm starting to get the hang of it though. It was also nice because I got the car solely in my name, no cosigns or anything. It was a pain having the old car in my dads name. I'm excited...maybe my life will return to normalcy. I also really like my new job. Its not very hard and the money is good. I kept a little bit of the money from my insurance claim and I'm not sure what I should do with it. I set up payments on my car, which can be easily made. I might just use it for tuition...I also want to get all my credit cards paid off...but its not enough for that...I think within a few months I might be able to fix all that! Oooh, plus there's London to pay for...I <3 trips!!!

Current Mood: giddy
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
10:23 pm
Had a hard day today....Stupid Mercury...don't get them for insurance, I also reccomend you add on the rental car feature to your insurance...its really not that much more...So I decided to take a quiz! Finding out about my political leanings may piss of some of my friends :-x

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Friday, April 14th, 2006
4:19 pm
So after Mattel was lame and took away my precious mileage, I started looking for another job. The last one didn't pan out, because the department put a freeze on new hires, otherwise I would have gotten that one. In this job, I'm going to make $2.25 more than my last job, and I wont have to do any manual labor, which will make my injured back and neck happier. Half of the time I'm not working, I'm just driving and I get paid to drive with my beautiful music playing. Its also even more flexible! I'm very excited and hope that it is as good as it seems! I can start next week and even work my current job a bit hehe! I conned them into giving me the highest available wage...must have been the suit! Now all I need is a new car! I'm thinking now of getting a used car, not a new car, so I can pay off credit card debt and save up money to maybe even travel a bit!

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Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
4:37 pm
So last week, when my job decided to cut out my mileage pay, and therefore 25% of my money, I wrote a nice little screw you letter. In it, I told them the only people who would ever work for them were toothless immigrants, and that the face of our department would be of white trash or migrant day laborers. Most of it was quite professional, but these little tidbits caused quite a stir. Someone reported me to HR and today I got a "verbal warning," my boss said she didnt want to fire me even though it was grounds to do so. I found out though, that if I were to resign, I could get some unemployment. However I have a job interview lined up thursday, which, lo and behold, pays at LEAST $3.25 an hour more and will still pay mileage. I would be nice to not have to deal with having family in the company...plus cosmetics are better than toys. If I don't like the job, maybe I will just have to go on unemployment for a while...

PS. Still have no car, but I touched one last night--it was precious, I'm lucky I didnt break down and take it home!

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Friday, March 10th, 2006
4:21 pm
My Car is Dead...I am sore...waaaaaaaa!
So here's the long anticipated post: On Tuesday night after a date including synchronized wow playing and watching walk the line, I headed out late from Jared's house in Santa Ana. I filled up my tank (waste of $25) and started to drive home along the 405 N. I was driving with a little BlutEngel in the background...actually not too loud, when I noticed the 110 S was closed. This was the way I was going to go, so then I was like...dang, I have to take the 405 home instead. I know I slowed down at this time so I wasn't going very fast.

Then, out of no where I see a car parked in the lane of the freeway in front of me. I braked as hard as I could, but hit her car slightly. All that was wrong was a few paint scratches. I was worried that she might not be ok, since she was just stopped there and not over to the side or anything, so I looked around, saw no cars approaching and tried to ask her if she was ok. It figures...she was an older asian lady who couldnt speak much english (I don't mean this to sound racist or anything!) I was about to tell her to move her car somewhere safe when I heard a really loud crashing noise. I was knocked to the ground after being hit by something. Some other crazy chick was speeding and collided into the opposite side of the car from which I was standing. She must have hit it at at LEAST 65. My car, in turn, hit me and knocked me to the ground. I got up right away, and turned to the other lady and asked if she was OK. She made some sort of obnoxious wailing noise and I figured that she was fine and just a freak. I then looked up ahead and to the right and saw a car flipped upside down.

I went into my first aide mode and ran over to help the driver in the upside down car. She said she was ok and that she could get herself out. I then called the police...and quite the spectacle showed up. I called Jared and he headed out to pick me up, since my parents were in Las Vegas. My car, I believe is totally wrecked. The side of it is all crunched up, the windows broke, I lost a tire, and the second girl's car pushed mine up more into the asian lady's car. I am hoping that insurance doesnt give me a hard time about the first lady's car because there was less than $100 damage to her car from me. Now all of us have broken cars :-(

Life really sucks without a car. I havent been stranded this long since 5-6 years. Also, I'm really sore. I missed work yesterday and I missed school on wednesday. I'm on anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxants but no good pain pills. I was hoping for vicadin :-( At least I'm starting to feel better and my limp (from where my car hit me on the leg) is starting to go away, so I look less pathetic. I hope I can skate on monday, but I might just have to sit there...It sucks because I was stuck at home all last week with a cold...I'm getting very stir crazy and need to get out...

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Monday, February 20th, 2006
10:49 pm
Road Trip!
So for Presidents Day, I actually did something fun! I took a four day weekend and went on a road trip with the boi to Lake Havasu City, and Laughlin, Oatman and Parker!

On Friday we went to Laughlin but on the way there we decided to go to a ghostown called "Oatman". Mapquest is retarded and got us lost, and by chance we found our way to laughlin, nevada. We got directions to Oatman from a hotel, and it turns out we went close to it, but not quite close enough. Oatman is famous for its "wild" burros, or "Burnkeys" as I call them. They aren't very wild, they are tame and can be hand fed in the town, but I guess they can come and go as they please so somehow that makes them "wild". Jared and I bought carrots for them and I ended up having a ravenous donkey follow me across the whole town (which isnt really that big). I got my sasperilla and a collectable spoon which made me happy. We then went to a freaky museum, which was basically a shack filled with old stuff you can look at, and most of it you can buy. You could feel the whole house shift if you walked across the house on the second floor. This scared Jared and I, so we left, but not before taking weird pics of the place. Later, we blew about $15 between the two of us on nickel slots at Laughlin. Good Times!

Saturday, we went to Jared's Dad's Girlfriends house in Lake Havasu City and played with her cats. One is nice, the other is a total demon cat! It hissed at me, so I hissed back. When it hissed back again in the most evil demented hiss ever, I freaked out and ran across the house. I guess we know who won that battle. Later that night we went out to a steak restaurant, and I ended up eating wayyyyyy too much. Ugh! After dinner Jared and I went back to Crystal's house(my friend who lives in Havasu) and watched the President's day fireworks show. It was so cold that we gave up after a while and went inside and played cards.

On Sunday, we went skating around the London Bridge. It was nice going there when it wasn't as hot as heck, like it usually is in Havasu. There are cute little shops there but they all were closing down. I was bummed because I couldnt get any fudge! Later that night Jared and I went to Crystal's Brothers house. We went on a joyride in his golfcart and ended up getting a bit lost. Fortunatly Jared found the way back--thank goodness for his sense of direction the whole trip! We then stole Crystal away and got coldstone. Mmmm precious ice cream. But when we tipped them, the losers didn't sing! They looked at us all defiantly and went about their usual business. I wanted to reach into their jar and take back that dollar! Later that night I stayed up late watching Child's Play and laughing that the dolly said the "F" word, hehe.

Today, Monday, was the long trek home. First Jared and I had to cover my family's boat which is stored in Parker Arizona. It was a good thing we did. The tarp that was on top of our boat at the end of last summer was totally missing and the real cover was sliding off. After we fixed the cover and replaced the tarp and 30 bungee cords later, we were on our way home. There were no cars in sight most of the way, but then we hit really horrible traffic! As we drove past Palm Springish, we passed Cabazon and saw the giant Dinosaurs, which Jared reminded me were in the Pee Wee Herman Movie. There's a sweet little store in the Brontasaurus. I found two machines that smash money and turn it into souvineers and had to scrounge up the change to get my precious pennies. One of the machines was for smashing dimes. I didn't think they were legal to crush! I feel like such a rebel.

Ok, so here are the final counts of the trip:
3 pennies smashed with cool designs, 1 dime
7 antennas that looked like trees
890 miles
3 tanks of gas
300 nickels
5 carrots
A million memories ;-) So dang cheesy!

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
11:34 am
Valentines Day
So I thought I'd update the blog. So yesterday was valentines day and I decided since I'm poor that I would cook Jared dinner. I got all gooshy and had a red table cloth, candles and even our fancy china out. I made an italian dinner but the alfredo turned out more like a casserole, but it was still good. I also gave him a pirate wallet, which was kinda hokey but it reminded me of him, so tee hee! Jared gave me the cutest present a boyfriend could ever give! I got a scrapbook that started off with the day we met. I was amazed by the random stuff that he kept and the things he remembered. It was very cute. There's room for adding more to it too, which is really sweet. Poor Jared got a little sick later on...hopefully it wasn' t the cooking! (it was a sinus issue, whew!!!) and I watched gay men ice skate and did my latin homework. The stuff I was translating was weird and was about urinating and defecation...kinda funky...still not sure what it all meant. Anyway, I'm excited because this weekend I'm going up to Lake Havasu with Jared. I'm going to visit Crystal and probably gamble at Indian casinos with old people! AWESOME! I only do nickel slots though ;-) So yeah....updating is good.

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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
10:38 pm
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Monday, December 5th, 2005
9:48 pm
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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
2:51 pm
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